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Ellen Paderson – CEO


ellen in st lucia

Ellen is the driving force behind the success of Smiles and Miles Travel, tirelessly advocating for her clients to help them realize their travel dreams.

Whether your dream is a relaxing sojourn at a Caribbean beach resort, a family adventure in the rain forests of Costa Rica, or an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime Honeymoon trip, Ellen’s knowledge of travel trends, destinations and deals ensures that you will travel with confidence. Her guarantee: you will be surprised and delighted by every Smiles and Miles Travel experience.

Ellen Paderson,CEO of Smiles and Miles Travel

Ellen knows the difference between travel hype and travel reality!

“Above and beyond” is the phrase most clients use in describing Ellen’s stellar service. She has visited nearly every resort and sailed on every ship that she recommends. Significant repeat business and countless referrals testify to Ellen’s professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Her files are filled with letters and cards from grateful couples, as well as from families who, thanks to Ellen’s counsel and support, will cherish lifelong memories of their travel adventures.

Smiles and Miles Travel Destination Wedding couple

“None of this would have been possible without you, Ellen!”              Dee

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A travel agent for over 22 years, Ellen was among the first to embrace such concepts as Destination Weddings, now a major focus of her business. In 2007 she created a subsidiary, Bar Mitzvah Vacations, to provide a relaxed alternative to elaborate and costly Bar/Bat Mitzvah events.

Ellen with Rabbi Moch, USVI

Ellen with Rabbi Moch of St. Thomas Synagogue, U.S. Virgin Islands

Taking place on cruise ships and in resort areas worldwide, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Vacations appeal to a broad range of families, including those of mixed religious background or heritage, as well as those with special needs. Aside from B’nai Mitzvahs conducted in Israel, Bar Mitzvah Vacations is today the premier choice of families celebrating their child’s coming of age with a Destination Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Venice shot

Always looking for original ideas to better serve her clients, Ellen initiated a unique program in 2011: Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in Italy. Collaborating with an Italian-American rabbi who uses Skype to instruct Bar/Bat Mitzvah candidates, Ellen has crafted exciting itineraries that take families on an odyssey of the sights and sounds of Rome, Florence, Venice and the Italian countryside. The rabbi and native Italian guides, scholars and historians facilitate both a fun vacation and a deep spiritual and educational experience for the entire family.

Is a Destination Bar Mitzvah for you?

“To be really good in this business, you need to play multiple roles: travel planner, mediator, event coordinator, marriage counselor – even psychologist,” Ellen says.

“To be really good in this business, you need to play multiple roles: travel planner, mediator, event coordinator, marriage counselor – even psychologist,” Ellen says.

Ellen’s true secret for success? “Always treating clients the way I like to be treated.” Sticking to the Golden Rule philosophy has won Ellen the loyalty of hundreds of clients as well as the respect of her industry peers:

Smiles and Miles Travel has been recognized as one of the top 15 virtual travel agencies in the U.S. by the Network of Entrepreneurs Selling Travel (NEST).

Ellen Paderson is an IATAN certified travel agent and a member of The Affluent Traveler Collection, an elite group of independent travel consultants. She was recently honored by Travel Impressions as one of the year’s “Best of the Best“. She served on the Editorial Advisory Board of Travel Market Report, and has earned a myriad of certifications, including the Travel Institute’s ‘Destination Specialist’ and Special Needs Expert Agent. Ellen has studied and become certified as proficient in many travel products and destinations, embarking on familiarization tours of dozens of countries; she is certified by numerous travel suppliers and ocean and river cruise lines.

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Ellen has been featured in a range of print, online and broadcast media, including MSNBC Online:

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The Padersons:  Kim, Leon, Ellen and Allan

The Padersons: Kim, Leon, Ellen and Allan

Ellen is a resident of the Boston area and is married and the mother of two great kids. Although Ellen frequently works on the road, she and her staff stand ready to add you to their ever-growing contingent of satisfied clients!

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