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River Cruising is Hot!

Smiles and Miles Travel has a strong history of booking clients with the major River Cruise lines. Our experienced Travel Counselors will find the perfect River Cruise to match your interests and budget!

Smiles and Miles Travel River Cruising with Viking

Viking River Cruises features great European cities and quaint towns.

Let Smiles and Miles Travel Cruise Staff guide you to the right River Cruise! 
We love River Cruising, particularly:

  • The wonderful all-inclusive features, such as wine with meals, city tours and excellent menu selections.
  • The intimacy: smaller passenger numbers make for a ‘clubby’ atmosphere, though not at all snobbish!
  • The proximity of port destinations along the way: towns are mostly walking distance from the ship’s berth
  • The ‘smooth sailing’ feel of a River Cruise – no queasiness or rolling of the ship