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Enjoy a Fun-Filled Bar/Bat Mitzvah Vacation in Italy

You only have a Bar/Bat mitzvah once. So why not celebrate this wonderful, once in a lifetime milestone in Italy?! Enjoy a fun-filled and beautiful vacation with your closest friends and family and have a Bar/Bat mitzvah experience like never before in Calabria. Carry on the fun while touring around Italy’s most beautiful cities including Venice, Sorrento, Florence, and Rome.

Take an enchanting gondola ride through Venice. Hop over to Sorrento and enjoy the most picturesque ocean views from your luxurious hotel room. Visit the island of Capri one day and explore Pompeii the next. Bask in the breathtaking scenery from the Almafi Coast and stroll through the small towns perched between the mountains and sea. While in Florence take some time to shop around and visit some of their magnificent museums. Next, stop by the Vatican in Rome. Tour around its Jewish quarters and pop in at the Colosseum. Throughout your trip, indulge in the finest wines and delectable Italian cuisine, prepared with the freshest vegetables, and which also happens to be gluten free!

So if you’re ready to take the fun to the next level for your special Bar/Bat mitzvah ceremony, then I suggest you give me a call at 508-238-4088 or send me an email!

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