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Celebration Travel

Group Celebration at  a luxury resort on the Riviera Maya - cool!

Group Celebration at a luxury resort on the Riviera Maya – cool!

Smiles and Miles Travel is a full-service travel agency. They have worked virtually (online and via phone) for over 20 years, serving a loyal and growing clientele, from first-time travelers on a budget to bridal couples hosting a lavish Destination Wedding for 150 at a luxury tropical resort.

Smiles and Miles Travel can assist clients with every travel need, from corporate travel planning to securing a three-week villa stay in Italy. They are most well-known for ‘Celebration Travel’ such as Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, and Bar and Bat Mitzvah Vacations, an innovative concept pioneered by CEO Ellen Paderson.

Whether you’re a well-traveled retiree or a travel rookie, Ellen and her staff have the depth of knowledge to plan the ideal travel experience with you.


“We serve a lot of repeat travelers and get many referrals from satisfied clients and people who’ve attended our Destination Weddings as guests. Because I don’t rely on walk-in clients as storefront agencies do, I have more time to concentrate on finding the best travel value for my clients, which they appreciate.

Also since my ‘office’ consists of a battery of technology tools and my iPhone, I can ‘mind the store’ while touring the newest beach resort in Cancun. What’s not to like about this job? ”
Ellen Paderson, CEO

Chief Inspector of Poolside Action!

Chief Inspector of Poolside Action!

Leverage the experience of Ellen and her colleagues to help make your Celebration travel extra special!

Contact Smiles and Miles Travel for a complimentary 15-minute consultation about your travel plans.