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Bar Mitzvah Twins Celebrate Their Rite of Passage in the Virgin Islands

I recently organized an amazing Bar Mitzvah vacation in honor of two boys from Massachusetts, Nathan and Jonah this past December. The boys, along with a total of twenty friends and family members, were whisked away to the beautiful island of St. Thomas. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony for both boys was held in St. Thomas Temple. Once the ceremony had officially come to an end, the family and friends then hopped over to St. John and partied like there was no tomorrow at the Westin. They then soaked up the sun, snorkeled, and went on a catamaran ride around the U.S. Virgin islands for a few days before heading back home. Both Nathan and Jonah enjoyed their wonderful celebration with family and friends.

Contact me today to learn more about Nathan and Jonah’s amazing Bar Mitzvah vacation! Call me at 508-238-4088 or click this link.

Bar Mitzvah Vacation

Bar Mitzvah Ceremony